Essential Oil Instructions/Kits & Info

Welcome to Daily Essentials with Tina

I am Tina, a DōTERRA Leader and Wellness Advocate who loves & is very passionate about Essential Oils.

I started using Essential Oils in August 2017 and now I am completely obsessed with them!
I did not believe they would work and was completely shocked at how much my life changed so much for the better!
I have Lupus, Auto Immune Hepatitis, Hyper Portal Tension and Anemia just to name a few of my health illnesses/issues. (Yes there is a bucket load more the Specialists love me 😂)
The simplest everyday things that I struggled with because of these “health issues” became so much easier. Instead of turning to painkillers regularly I now go to my Essential Oils first.
I use them for sleeping, aches & pains, headaches, mood / emotion management, and with everything to improve general health & well being.
I did not realise how much my health impacted my everyday life, to me it was my normal, but using the essential oils made me realise how much I was putting up with or taking for granted that I didn’t have to.
I truly benefited so much from the few essential oils that I started with. I started to research more about the oils, their properties, the never ending benefits and uses - I became so passionate I want to help educate others in how they can possibly benefit them also!
Essential oils are in my daily routine from the minute I get up up until I go back to bed. They now are essentials for me and I wouldn’t be without them hence the name Daily Essentials with Tina.

To purchase doTERRA yourself you can either become a member saving 25% on the retail price, or you can simply make a purchase and pay retail price through our Essential Oils Collection on this Website or by clicking on the Shop button on my doTERRA website: 


- Click Join & Save on my doTERRA website: 
- Select your preferred language & order to be shipped from Australia
- Select local order for Australia and continue
- Select Wellness Advocate (the second option) instead of Wholesale Customer and press continue.

- Fill out your details and if the Enroler ID is not already entered please enter 4999676

- Either purchase a enrollment kit and the $35 membership fee is waived or add the $35 enrollment option and add any extra products to your cart.

Registering for a wholesale account entitles you to:
- All Purchases at Wholesale Prices (25% off retail)
- A doTERRA Welcome Pack
- Support, Advice and Tips
- The opportunity to get the Free Product of the Month
- A Invitation to our Private Facebook Page
- Points to earn Free Products.

You do not need to order each month or meet any minimum purchase requirements. You simply order what you want when you want.

doTERRA Enrollment Kits

If you have any questions or would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact me through the Contact Us Tab or email me at

Visit my doTERRA website to start your journey with Essential Oils. 
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