Peppermint and Headaches

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Peppermint Essential Oil & Headaches

Headaches are a very common occurrence for me - bright or fluorescent lights, worry or stress, computer work - it seriously didn't and still does not take much for me to get a headache. At home of a night I cannot have the normal light on no matter how dim a globe I put in it - I have to have a lamp on that is behind me so its not in my view. 
Prior to Peppermint Essential Oil I would be guaranteed to have a headache within 30 min of working at the computer. When Peppermint Essential Oil came into my life - OMG it was like heaven. So now I always make sure I have a couple of drops in the diffuser if I am working at my computer (which is the majority of the time) and no more headaches.
 I generally add another essential oil to the peppermint in the diffuser usually a citrus oil, I guess its up to personal taste and what you feeling at the time as to what you diffuse. The best part is Peppermint is also good for focus and concentration so its great for me when I am working. 
I also have the Peppermint Touch which is a roller bottle already diluted with fractionated coconut oil that I keep it on me at all times to apply topically if I get a headache while I am out and about. 
Past Tense is a blend of essential oils that is also great for headaches and tension, I do switch it up with this at times but I think because I started with the Peppermint and it worked for me that is my "go to" oil. So if you try Peppermint and it doesn't seem to do the trick for you perhaps try the Past Tense - remember that this is undiluted so you can actually get quite a few roller bottles from the one if you choose which will make it go further.


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